Question For Ronnie

.Are you an extrovert (energized by being around other people) or an introvert (energized by being alone)?

I’m an introvert.I’m an introvert for a couple of reasons.The first reason is that i just like being alone.It makes me happy and I feel like I’m in power most of the time.Nobody can control me when I’m alone nor can people be negative towards me.When I’m alone i also feel like there is no evil near me which makes me even happier.I notice in this world that people is always giving negative energy to others, even though they don’t notice it.To me I think this happens because people are also putting their self down and making other people feel down to please their own self.That’s the world we living in I guess.  I can’t change what people think and because I can’t change people’s thoughts  I made myself to be independent or introvert.Being alone kinda makes me melancholy, but I got people to support me like my mom and of course my friends that comment on my blog.Even though I got all this support I’m still an introvert.Humans have to be independent to survive so that’s what I’m trying to do.I was an extrovert before bot was when I was a youngster and was new to the world.I hadn’t face the cruelty that will ruin my life forever.I think it all started when my   grandmother died on April year 2007.When she left me I felt that NOBODY WILL UNDERSTAND MY PAIN.That I will be alone forever.That’s the reasons why I’m an introvert.

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  1. You are so brave for writing this. The post is honest and powerful– you give very good reason for being an introvert. While there’s nothing wrong with being an introvert, perhaps in high school or college you’ll find a safe enough environment to let more people in.

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